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Automation Control

In 1913 Henry ford installed on the first moving production lines. This reduced the time to produce an automobile by nearly 90%. Automation has continued to grow leaps and bounds. Automation will continue to change humanity and with this create more profitable and efficient businesses.

Car Factory


Relay logic is a thing of the past. more and more OEM products now come standard with a PLC CPU. Maintaining these systems can require multiple personal. 

Alternate Power offers PLC technicians Central Coast, PLC technicians Sydney, PLC technicians Newcastle to help your business grow.  

Needing to convert an old system to a new PLC contact us for a site and equipment assessment.

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Asset Monitoring

Businesses operate no longer as they used to. Site managers, owners and farmers can't always be there to what is happening with their critical equipment. Remote asset monitoring is a great way to know what your critical equipment is doing at all times

RAM system can be:


Virtual HMI

OEM Supervisory Software

Remote HMI 

and Many More

If you think your business could benefit from information at your fingertips.

Contact Alternate Power!

Satellite Dish
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