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Off Grid / Stand Alone Power Systems

The Australian Electricity Network currently supplies 98% of Australians with reliable electricity. This leaves 2% of Australians with little or no power at all. When faced with this predicament, it is crucial to choose carefully the correct products you will use in your Standalone System (off-grid or SAPS).

Solar Panel

Getting Started!

Knowing your demand is a great place to start. If your house, business or vessel has not been constructed yet, try to utilise North facing aspects with plenty of light. Careful consideration of appliance ratings and connected loads will ensure the system does not need to be excessive.

The inclusion of a secondary supply is also an important consideration for an Off-grid (SAPS) system. A secondary supply could be a backup diesel generator, gas generator or other sources, which can be used to top up your battery system in times of prolonged renewable energy deficits, i.e. days or weeks with no sun. The sizing of the secondary supply is critical for optimal charging and periodic equalising. A good rule of thumb is the total size battery inverter + 30%.

Solar Panel
Battery energy storage system in power plant.jpg
Battery energy storage system in power plant.jpg

Batteries & Inverters!

Before calculating the battery size, a few things have to be considered. Battery chemistry, the environment or where the battery is located, is an essential factor when selecting the chemistry of a battery you will use. Time of autonomy, or the amount of time your system will be able to operate under normal loading without any renewable influence.

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SAPS System Design

Battery System Sizing

Product selection


Solar system servicing

Battery system testing

Generator testing

Generator Servicing

Fault Finding

Solar Inverter Faults

Battery system Faults

String fusing

P.V imaging

Thermal imaging


Energy management

System optimisation

Battery Selection

Energy usage study

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